Meet Margarita

Recently, we helped Margarita, a single mother of three, move into a brand new and fully equipped 2-bedroom apartment. Prior to moving into ELACC's Paseo del Sol Apartments, she and her children lived in a studio apartment with constant rodent infestations. Today, they are safe, warm, and self-sufficient.

First Time Home Buyers

We aim to stabilize communities by turning longtime renters into homeowners. In 2018-19, we've helped 29 families purchase their first home!

Meet Ramona

Boyle Hotel tenant Ramona was behind on her rent payments, but "ELACC came in," she says. As bilingual financial empowerment coaches, we educate families and individuals on resources that help them build and sustain their assets and wealth, so under our savings program, Ramona was able to stay in her home.

"I am forever grateful to the people that helped build Cielito Lindo. They had the vision and the grace to help families like mine have a home. In the future, I too will help others, because I know there are so many more in need."


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